Homebrew Removes Internet Connection Requirement for PS Vita File Transfer

January 2, 2012Written by Rae Langdon

Sony’s application for transferring files from a PS Vita to a personal computer requires the PC to have a constant internet connection. Sony’s Content Manager Assistant, or CMA, also requires that the PS Vita has the most recent firmware installed or it will also deny you the ability to transfer your own files.

This hard-line stance has of course raised some concerns over the past few weeks from the homebrew community. Virtuous Flame, a group of homebrew developers, have released OpenCMA to the masses. OpenCMA runs alongside Sony’s application and removes the need for a constant internet connection or the latest firmware version. Of course, the application isn’t approved by Sony and could brick your Vita, and is not recommended for use.

Sony’s stance towards homebrew applications on their platforms hasn’t exactly been friendly for fear of lowered security leading to piracy – something that crippled the PSP. Chances are the next PS Vita firmware or update to CMA will remove OpenCMA’s compatibility with the Vita, or at least put some blocks in the way.

What are your thoughts about Sony’s approach to file transfers?