New Vita Accessories Inbound: DualShock Grip and Extended Battery

January 25, 2012Written by Tony Wibowo

The PlayStation Vita launched in Japan one month ago along with tons of games and also some accessories, mostly from Sony themselves. However, in the coming months, consumers will start to see third party companies making their own accessories. One peripheral that will surely catch the attention of long time PlayStation fans is the “Assist Grip” by Datel Japan.

Like its name, the purpose of this accessory is to assist gamers in holding the Vita in their hand. “Assist Grip” is unique because it provides a really close feeling of holding a DualShock controller, the same controller design used by Sony for its PlayStation products since PS One era, almost making the product like our concept DualShock 4. Impress Watch reports that the premise behind the accessory holds true with no major complaints about its constructions. Even though most Vita owners have reported no complaints in holding the device itself, it is still nice to have a peripheral that will enable us to duplicate the feeling of playing a Sony home console. The “Assist Grip” will retail for ¥1,380, which is around $18, when it releases on January 31.

Another peripheral coming for the Vita is USB Portable Power Set made by Sony. This 2,000 mAh device can charge the Vita on the go via USB. This charger can provide an additional three hours, give or take, of gameplay time. Even though this device is made by Sony, it is not made specifically for Vita only, it also works with any USB-based device such as Vita’s competitor Nintendo 3DS. The USB Portable Power Set will set you back around ¥2,980, which is around $39. Release date is unknown at this point.

Both accessories have not been announced for North America just yet, but hopefully they will as we get closer to the Vita’s launch on February 22nd. Until then, enjoy the screenshots below: