What We Want From God of War IV

April 18, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

5. Bring On The Horde (Mode)

Kratos being a (fictional) Spartan, he is no stranger to his people’s history in the great battle of Thermopylae (as stylistically adapted in the film and graphic novel 300), when King Leonidas and a brave small army took on Xerxes and his enormous Persian military. They held in a small location together, battling wave after wave of enemies — sound familiar? The battle of Thermopylae has a kind of resemblance of Horde Mode and GOWIV could offer its own unique take on that, with a combination of cooperative battle and the base protection concept from Ghost Recon Future Soldier‘s Guerrilla Mode. Replace Xerxes with an evil god running his demonic hordes against Kratos and GOWIV‘s got quite its own take on Horde Mode.

If Kratos doesn’t return or a different mythology is selected, though, some kind of co-op Horde-style action isn’t out of the question. Up to four players could just as easily slash through hundreds of enemies together. Or, the concept could also be taken a step further with a Mass Effect 3 flair, with different classes for players to choose from, upgradable weapons, abilities, and different maps.

6. A New Take On Versus Multiplayer

As we mentioned earlier, the “Kratos vs. giant beast” formula is a staple of the God of War franchise. Well, what if one player got to actually be the giant beast and another player got to be Kratos in a battle to the death? Each player is given unique capabilities and the usual QTE-style button inputs are foregone in place of more balanced combat. As players level up, they’re given access to new weapons and new abilities to help them gain the edge in battle. Plus, the matches could take place in giant Colosseum, populated by avatars of real players who are watching the event live for a visceral God of War versus multiplayer experience.

7. Vita Interactivity / Remote Play Support

A new God of War is the perfect game to demonstrate the PlayStation Vita’s Remote Play capabilities on, as GOW installments don’t have complex controls and a new GOW may be the first new first-party PS3 game coming out that even had the option of having Vita support added to it. We’d like to see either Remote Play or the option to use Vita as a controller for local players in our dream co-op Horde mode so there are fewer worries about having to share the screen with other players. Ready At Dawn are also not making another GOW handheld game.

8. Cameos From Mortal Kombat Characters?

GOW fans can feel free to file this under “It would be awesome if it actually happened, but probably won’t.” Kratos made a cameo in the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat as a playable character, so it could be hypothetically remotely possible that stylized versions of MK characters could find their way into the next God of War game. Shao Kahn could be some kind of fallen emperor, with Shang Tsung as his disgraced sorcerer — maybe even in an underworld level of some kind. Also, Goro (maybe an oversized Goro) could make a cameo as a boss creature or Reptile (in his lizard form) could be some kind of underling servant to a god. The story integration possibilities exist, but the possibilities of this cross-franchise cameo actually happening are probably slim to none.

What features would you like to see in the next God of War? Let us know in the comments!

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