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July 2, 2012Written by Staff

With PSLS not featuring any new content during our site maintenance period, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of our best features and editorials so that you have something to read in the meantime.

The History of PS Ads

How did the PlayStation brand go from nothingness to number one (and then number three)? Through a series of awesome, bizarre, disturbing and barely legal adverts of course! Be sure to read how the ads evolved across the PSone, PS2, PSP and PS3.

The Worst is Yet to Come: Anonymous Talks to PSLS

Anonymous may have gotten bored of Sony (so much for “We Never Forget”), but PSLS’ exclusive interview with one of the group’s leading members still provides a fascinating insight into why they attacked Sony, and what they aimed to do.

See also: An interview with AVG’s Chief Research Officer Roger Thompson about how anyone can be hacked, and how the entire internet is unsecured; and have a browse another interview with Anonymous about their second, lamer attack over SOPA support.

Who Owns Your PS3? KaKaRoTo Talks Modifing The PS3′s Firmware, Piracy and DRM

In another slightly controversial post, our interview/argument with prominent PS3 custom firmware developer discusses who owns your PS3, and the software on it – you, or Sony. Should the need to tinker be all that matters, or should all steps be taken to prevent piracy?

See also: KaKaRoTo’s opinions on why jailbreaking shouldn’t be made illegal.

How to Play Japanese Games and Rule at it

PSLS’ Japan-based correspondent Heath Hindman explains how to get past the Japanese language barrier when playing imported games, without having to learn the whole language.

The Evolution of Extinction

In this epically in-depth feature, PSLS charts the history of mankind’s obsession with the apocalypse, dating back to the ‘proto-apocalyptic’ age of Jewish literature, following the rise of literature, movies, comics and games, all the way up to The Last of Us. Enjoy!

See also: Our guide to surviving the apocalypse. Thank us when the zombies rise up.

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