Vivendi Struggles to Find Activision Buyer, May Have to Sell Shares on Open Market

July 13, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

It looks like Vivendi has been having a bit of trouble finding a suitable buyer for Activision. Considering the fact that the publisher is worth a whopping $8.1 – 10 billion, it’s easy to understand why that happens to be the case. As such, Vivendi may have no other choice but to sell the company’s share on the open market.

In a report from Bloomberg, sources close to the matter are saying that buyers who even have the funds to make a purchase of this magnitude aren’t particularly interested. It was reported just the other day that Microsoft may be looking to pick up the publisher, but considering the fact that such a purchase would inherently cannibalize Call of Duty sales by making it an Xbox-exclusive franchise may have deterred them from moving forward on it.

If Vivendi does opt to sell the shares publicly, their value would likely drop considerably due to the massive supply that outweighs their demand. In any case, it looks like we’ll have to remain patient while we wait and see what Vivendi decides to do next.