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Bogus Gran Turismo Android Game Racks Up 100,000 Downloads In a Day

July 18, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

With very few restrictions on the Google Play store, and no approval process, game clones and copycats are rife on the ecosystem, but this latest game really takes the biscuit.

The wonderful folks at Sailfish Games have released a game titled “Gran Turismo” which even rips off the revered PlayStation series’ logo… despite not being an officially sanctioned app or having anywhere near the quality level of a Polyphony Digital product:

The description for the game reads:

This matter is a simple racing game, super sports cars in the game. Touch the screen to control the car accelerated forward.


But while it’s not a real GT game, and doesn’t play even remotely like one, the free title has accumulated over 100,000 downloads on its first day on the store.

Sony will likely take action, although not before their brand is slightly damaged and Sailfish make a little profit – possibly even with malware. If you’re hoping for real GT on your mobile, however, hope may be on the horizon – Sony is experimenting with it’s “PlayStation Mobile” platform, and Gaikai has shown interest in bringing their service to mobiles.