Three New Super Powers Coming to DC Universe Online

August 17, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


Sony Online Entertainment revealed during SOE Live 2014 that it will add three new super powers to DC Universe Online. Creative Director Jens Andersen said:

People thought this would be impossible as long as the PS3 in the picture, but our client team is amazing and they freed up some memory on the PS3. So now we can add more powers.

The three super powers are Munitions (Controller/Damage), Atomic (Healer/Damage), and Experimental Serums (Tank/Damage). Munitions is based on Sergeant Rock, and involves a run-and-gun style with explosions. Atomic is based on cellular manipulation and will use a radiation mechanic on targets. Experimental Serums can be injected into our character for power interactions, and will include grappling powers as well. 

SOE has not given a date for when the new super powers will be in effect. 

[Source: Gamezone]