Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video From TGS 2014 Features a Full Battle

September 23, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

Last week at the beginning of TGS, Square Enix unveiled the latest look at Final Fantasy XV, which featured in-game footage mixed with some gameplay. During the event, there was also a demo for Final Fantasy XV, and you can see the full eight minutes of it running on a PlayStation 4 above.

For a breakdown of the video, the first 3:50 has the camera being swung around the various characters (including a frog!) to show off just how good Final Fantasy XV looks, then the next minute features more camera movement in a different location. At 5:08, you’ll get to see a teleportation and some more camera observations, with a full battle taking place at 5:45 and running to the end of the video (be sure to stick around for the last few seconds).

What did you think of Final Fantasy XV’s gameplay?

[Source: GamesHQMedia (YouTube)]