Bungie: Nearly 500,000 Destiny Players Have Finished The Vault of Glass Raid

October 12, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


In addition to releasing Destiny’s month one player stats, Bungie has shared some more interesting numbers with Kotaku for The Vault of Glass raid. According to the developer, almost two million people have attempted the six-person raid on normal difficulty, and close to 500,000 players have finished it. Complete figures can be found below:

  • 1,970,807 players have attempted the raid on normal difficulty. 
  • Of those nearly two million players, 472,082 have defeated the final boss and finished the raid.
  • Meanwhile, 202,729 of those players have re-attempted the raid on its harder, level-30 difficulty setting.
  • 36,181 have completed it on hard.

Have any of our readers attempted the raid, and succeeded?

[Source: Kotaku]