Destiny PS4 Bounty Set to Roll Out Later Today, Asks You to Hunt “Ninjas” (Update)

October 16, 2014Written by Alex Co



Due to PSN not working at all right now, Bungie has gone on Twitter to reveal that the bounty has been postponed for next week.

Well, there you go, Guardians. Stay frosty.

Original Story:

Bungie is rolling out a Destiny Crucible bounty later today and for now, it’s only for the PlayStation 4.

Players are tasked to hunt down “ninjas” in Crucible, which sounds more exciting than it really is. These ninjas aren’t going to show up in Crucible throwing shurikens or use a samurai to impale enemies silently, but rather, they’re Bungie’s kind of ninjas, who moderate the studio’s forums among other things.

The Ninja is the silent assassin who protects the digital village on from bullies, trolls, and other ne’erdowells who would threaten the fabric of our community for sport. They are our deadly professionals, moderating forum chatter with a watchful eye and a steady hand. One swing from their mighty Banhammer can eradicate all manners of conduct unbecoming a Guardian. For years, they’ve been a dreaded force of judgment and justice.

Here are the exact details to partake in the event starting later today:

  • Thursday, October 16th
  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Pacific
  • PlayStation 4*

Gamers will face a group of Bungie’s handpicked people to bowl over and here’s their PSN IDs, so you’ll know who to hunt.

  • Newtane
  • Old_Papa_Rich
  • Duardo_
  • Dredguno
  • xLordRevan
  • Outdex
  • TFMash55

So, what will players win if they manage to eliminate any of these targets? Expect a new emblem for your trouble — and no, engrams aren’t part of the deal.


Now, for those reading this and can only play on Destiny on another platform, don’t get too upset, as Bungie has already mentioned Xbox gamers are “on deck.”

Will you be joining the hunt later or should Bungie give a sweeter reward other than emblems?

[Source: Bungie]