PS4 Suspend/Resume Feature Still in Development, Feedback on 2.00 to Help Determine Future Update Release Timing

October 27, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


One of the features that won’t be included inside PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00 is Suspend/Resume, which allows you to suspend a game, put the PS4 in a low-power state, then resume from where you left off. This was first shown in early 2013, and commented on by Shuhei Yoshida in June 2014 when he said, “It’s not ready yet.”

Last week, Videogamer caught up with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s VP of Product Planning Murray Hume, where he said, “There’s nothing to announce today [about Suspend/Resume], we haven’t stopped working on it.”

A release window wasn’t given for Suspend/Resume, so we’ll just have to wait for more news from Sony.

Also in the interview, Hume talked about PS4 update 2.00 and how they’ve learned to listen to fan feedback about the timing of new system features:

The strange thing for us is we got a lot of criticism in PS3 time about doing a lot of releases very quickly and so we listened to that and we learned. Because we did [make] mistakes in PS3 time and we’ve learned and we’ve listened. So we’ve taken a different approach and now we’re getting possibly different feedback.

Partly depending upon how “people react to this release,” Hume says Sony will look at potentially releasing new PS4 updates closer together. “We were told one thing,” he added, “now we’re told another thing. Both are valid. We just have to work out what feedback we get for this release and how we go forward.”

How often would you like to see new PS4 firmware updates that add new features?

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