The Evil Within Has Been Shrunk Into a Two-Hour Movie

November 28, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

The Evil Within has been shrunk into a two-hour horror flick, giving viewers a general synopsis of what the scary and gory game is all about.

Called The Evil Within: The Movie, the video was created by Gamebill Studios by using a “debug mod in the PC version,” editor Nabil Ayari explained on the Gamebill site.

I removed all of the HUD,

I’ve added new camera views,

I edited some cutscenes,

I’ve added a lot of sound effects and some new music inspired by the first Resident Evil to pay tribute to Mikami Shinji and some music composed by 2 of my friends,

and a lot of stuff…

Obviously, there are spoilers in the video, so be aware of that before watching. Do you think The Evil Within makes a good movie? What did you think of the editing? And if you have not had a chance to play The Evil Within yet, the PlayStation Store has the game on sale until Monday.

[Source: Gamebill Studios (YouTube), Gamebill website via Kotaku]