Dying Light Devs Urge Everyone to Download the Day One Patch

February 2, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Launching last week in North America at retail and digital stores, with Europe getting it digitally, Dying Light (read our review) is “a different game” without the day one patch downloaded and installed.

This comes directly from developer Techland, who posted an open letter on their Facebook page after seeing that some people are playing an unpatched version of the game, urging everyone to download it:

The patch introduces various enhancements, changes and updates of various influence, affecting the gameplay, performance, and many other aspects of our game. In essence, when you are playing an unpatched version of Dying Light, you are playing a different game.

Getting the patch also allows you to access co-op and the free Be the Zombie mode.

To tell if you have the patch, check to make sure your progress bar matches the one in the above screenshot.

What are your thoughts on Dying Light so far?

[Source: Techland (Facebook) via VG247]