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GameStop Fiscal Report Shows a Nice $393.1 Million Net Revenue for the Company

March 27, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


Even though GameStop didn’t do quite as well as it had hoped back in its third quarter,┬áit looks the company did decently during its last fiscal year, which ended on January 31.

According to company reports, it looks like GameStop hit revenues of $9.3 billion, and its net income came to around $393.1 million. It looks like new hardware sales and consumer electronics sales, such as the sales of tablets and mobile devices, posted large gains, with hardware sales up 17 percent and consumer electronics sales up a whopping 71 percent. Video game sales, however, actually dropped around 11 percent, which might have to do with more people buying digital, rather than physical, copies of games.

Either way, that isn’t a terrible year for GameStop. Why do you think video game sales might have done down so much?

[Source: Games Industry]