Double Eleven: Xbox 360 Has a Higher Active User Base Than PS3

July 28, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Released last month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (we quite liked it), Prison Architect is coming to Xbox 360 on August 2 as a digital-only title.

When someone on Twitter asked why Prison Architect is only coming to one last-gen console, and not the PlayStation 3 as well, Double Eleven CEO Lee Hutchinson replied, “Its audience is still fairly engaged.” Shortly afterwards, the Double Eleven Twitter account added that the Xbox 360 has a higher active user base than the PS3:

Answering some follow-up questions to this, Hutchinson mentioned that they released Goat Simulator on all four consoles (PS4, PS3, XB1, 360), but “chose not to support PS3 [for Prison Architect] due [to] it probably not being able to break even.” Asked if a digital-only PS3 release – and not a boxed one as well – would have broken even, he replied, “Boxed or no boxed, it wouldn’t have made sense. There is no boxed 360 release either.”

If you’re hoping for a PlayStation Vita version of Prison Architect, Double Eleven said in May, “Sorry, but there are no plans to develop a Vita version of Prison Architect at this time.”

Considering how well the PS4 is doing, do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing that the PS3’s active user base is less than the Xbox 360?

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