PS4 Update 4.01 Rolls Out, Is What You’re Most Likely Expecting

October 3, 2016Written by Alex Co

PS4 Update 4.01

Sony has rolled out an unannounced PS4 update today and it’s live! If you’re expecting a new feature or something, I’m here to crush your dreams; PS4 update 4.01’s patch notes state that the main feature is, “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance,” and that’s it.

Clocking in at just 300MB, this latest PlayStation 4 system software update just adds a bit more of that stability patch that Sony loves to dish out every now and again. Of course, there is the chance that the update could very well be to prep our consoles for PlayStation VR, but if so, they should have or might have mentioned it in the patch notes.

Well, there you have it; your PS4 gets another stability update and it’s just 300MB. You can download the file here via your browser in case you want to.

In other PlayStation news, don’t forget that the embargo for everything PlayStation VR will be lifted this October 5! Get ready for our hardware review, and a bunch of game reviews to whet your appetite for October 13.

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