Catlateral Damage Getting a Free Update, Will Support PSVR

October 5, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been thinking that the PlayStation VR launch line-up could use more kittens (kind of like everything in life). Thankfully, I have some good news to share as developer Chris Chung has announced that Catlateral Damage will be getting a free update on October 10, and will support PSVR at launch. Not only will it add the ability to play as a cat in virtual reality, it’ll also allow players to use PlayStation Move controllers to swat objects.

Catlateral Damage originally released on PlayStation 4 in March of this year. In PlayStation Lifestyle’s review of the sandbox cat simulator, we said that “there are plenty of laughs and smiles to be had” in it. The title takes place from a first-person perspective, and tasks the player with causing as much mayhem as possible in different environments. The locales that can be destroyed range range from a museum that houses gigantic dinosaur fossils to a local grocery store filled with food.

In addition to the PSVR news, Chung also revealed that Catlateral Damage will be making its debut on the Japanese PlayStation Store later this month. Starting October 13, Japanese players will be able to purchase the cat simulator for 999 yen. The title features over 200 photos of real-life cats to collect, plenty of different characters, and is procedurally-generated so the experience is always different each time you play.

Does the ability to become a cat in virtual reality make it more likely that you’ll pick up Catlateral Damage? Let me know in the comments below.