Voice Actors Strike: Struck Games Include Crash Bandicoot Remaster, Injustice 2

October 24, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

If you missed the news last week, the video game voice actors strike has begun. As a result, games from Activision, EA, Insomniac Games, Take-Two, Warner Bros, and others that went into production after February 17, 2015 have been affected. If the game was in production as of that date though, production may be completed.

To give members an idea of which games to strike, SAG-AFTRA has published a list on their website. Some of the notable games included on the list include the ‘Crash Bandicoot Remaster Project from Activision, American Football 18 and Hockey 18 (likely Madden NFL 18 and NHL 18) from EA, ‘Alligator’ from Take-Two, and Injustice 2, LEGO Star Wars, and LEGO Marvel 2 (could be LEGO Marvel’s Avengers or a sequel to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes) from Warner Bros. There’s numerous other titles included on the list, including four code-named games from Insomniac.

As SAG-AFTRA adds, “SAG-AFTRA members are reminded that accepting employment on any of these games is in violation of the National Board’s strike order.”

Explaining why they’re striking, SAG-AFTRA mentioned how they’ve been trying to re-negotiate a two-decade old contract for the last 19 months with no success. Chief Contracts Officer Ray Rodriguez said, “SAG-AFTRA has gone to the negotiations table with serious concerns affecting voiceover and stunt performers. It’s time for video game employers to take our concerns seriously and negotiate a modern contract based on actor safety, industry precedent and best practices.”

Voice actor and casting director Keythe Farley added, “SAG-AFTRA doesn’t want to strike, who does? But we cannot stand by and watch our members suffer serious injury and put their careers at risk in the current environment. The time is now for a new contract for our members.”

It remains to be seen if the development schedules for any of the listed games will be affected by the strike.

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