Titanfall 2 Map Hack Tweak News Soon, Titans Getting Balance Updates

November 4, 2016Written by Alex Co

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If you’re one of the people playing Titanfall 2’s excellent multiplayer (like me!), then chances are you’ve seen people use the Pulse Blade Tactical ability, as well as the Map Hack Boost. Either that, or you’ve been using it yourself. If you are, who can blame you? The Map Hack Boost lets you “ping” anyone near your vicinity even through walls for you and your entire team.

Needless to say, a lot of people are using it, so much so that you might see yourself constantly be lit up like a Christmas tree or something. If you’re annoyed at it, then rejoice! Respawn has confirmed over on Twitter that they will have “good news” for those frustrated by it soon. Additionally, Tone and Legion, arguably the most used Titans in the game currently, will be getting balance tweaks as well.

While Tone and Legion will both most likely get nerfed in some capacity, Titan Northstar will be getting a buff! Over on the Titanfall subreddit, Respawn employee “RespawnCoronach” has confirmed that Northstar’s damage will be increased.

[–]RespawnCoronach 118 points  

In a future patch, we’ll be increasing the damage and decreasing the duration of Flight Core so Northstar is less of a sitting duck up there.

As someone who uses Tone and Legion most of the time, let’s hope the nerf hammer doesn’t hit the two of them too hard. What would you want to see Respawn tweak in Titanfall 2? Should other Boosts be given a buff to compensate for Map Hack’s effectiveness?

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