Eagle Flight PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed by Ubisoft

November 10, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Eagle Flight PS4 Pro

Ubisoft’s first PlayStation VR title, Eagle Flight, is a pretty great one, but there’s still improvement to be had. Small annoyances such as slight pop-in issues took away from the beauty of the stylized Paris setting. Thankfully, Ubisoft will be fixing some of the game’s minor annoyances in patches for both the standard PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

According to the publisher on TwitterEagle Flight will feature ” improved draw distance (how far you can see) and enhanced ‘level of detail’ (reduces objects popping in)” on PS4 Pro. It’s great to see the game taking advantage of the Pro’s extra power, and it’s not like the pop-in was so bad that it was distracting on a regular PS4.

While PS4 Pro owners will get to play the prettiest version of the game, all versions will be getting future updates. One upcoming feature that Ubisoft is currently “looking at” is the ability to invite friends in multiplayer. The developer also said that several patches are planned after a player asked if more game modes were coming on the way, so it looks like this is just the beginning of Eagle Flight‘s support as a multiplayer game.

Eagle Flight is available now on PlayStation VR. In PlayStation LifeStyle’s review, I said that “while its final moments aren’t nearly as strong as it begins, Eagle Flight is still one of PlayStation VR’s best titles. Flying around a stylized Paris is breathtaking throughout, and the sense of speed is always thrilling. Be it in either single-player or multiplayer, this is one VR game worth experiencing.”

(Source: Twitter via Power Up Gaming)