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SEGA Asking Fans What Franchises They Want Revived in Survey

November 15, 2016Written by Alex Co

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In case you didn’t know, SEGA is making a sequel to fan-favorite Shenmue for the PlayStation 4 titled Shenmue III. Given SEGA’s long history in making games and consoles, some of our younger readers might not know that the company’s stable of characters are almost as big as Nintendo’s.

Could we see another franchise revived by SEGA? If their recent fan questionnaire to Japanese fans, that might be what the company has in mind. You can check out the translated version below.


SEGA says the results of the survey will be revealed during a livestream on November 20. Of course, it’s not a confirmation that the most picked franchises will be revived, but that’s better than nothing, no?

Hopefully, everyone writes in Skies of Arcadia, Virtua On or some of SEGA’s classic IPs. What SEGA franchise would you like to see make a comeback if given the chance?

[Source: SEGA (JP) via PowerUpGaming]