Final Fantasy XV – Everything You Need to Know

November 26, 2016Written by Michael Briers


Almost a decade has passed since Square Enix first lifted the curtain on Final Fantasy XV — then known as Versus XIII — and now, following a series of production woes and frustrating delays, the next mainline entry into the long-running JRPG is teetering on the verge of release.

To say that it’s been a long time coming may read as a colossal understatement, but even after the setbacks — the teasing demos, the lavish Uncovered event — excitement for FFXV is palpable. Then again, you’d be forgiven for harboring some feelings of doubt; a ten-year development cycle no doubt represents a period fraught with internal strife, one of mooted rumors and incendiary stories, many of which we’ll never know the full extent of.

But today, as we inch closer to D-day, we present to you Everything You Need to Know about Final Fantasy XV — and somewhat unsurprisingly, there’s quite a lot to digest. So pop the kettle on, pull up a chair. Let’s get to it.

On November 29, the legend meets its match. Final Fantasy XV will finally — finally! — grace PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, ushering in a new chapter for Square’s most decorated JRPG. Can it possibly live up to lofty expectations? We’ll find out very, very soon. Until then, tell us, are you excited to step foot in the kingdom of Lucis? Do let us know.

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