Latest Model New DualShock 4 Controller Sale Price of $33.99

November 27, 2016Written by Mack Ashworth

DualShock 4 555x328

The incredible deals continue, with now lowering the price of the new DualShock 4 Jet Black (CUH-ZCT2) controller down to just $33.99. This is the latest model, with a new light bar located on the touch pad and USB communication support.

The new Wireless Controller for PS4 (DUALSHOCK®4) allows the light from the light bar to emit on the touch pad, making a new luminous line in the same color as that of the light bar. This provides gamers with visual information, such as which character they control or health status, at a glance for more intuitive gameplay. Furthermore, the new DUALSHOCK®4 supports USB communication in addition to the currently available Bluethooth® communication, allowing users to have control also via cable. The new DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller will be available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of 5,980 yen, $59 USD, €59 and £54.

If you’re into your fighting games or shooters, the lag-free USB communication could be worth the upgrade. If that doesn’t float your boat, perhaps the new, easily viewable light bar will tickle your fancy. Here’s a direct link to the controller.

[Source: Amazon via AllForGameNews]