Capcom Will Label Profiles of Street Fighter V Rage Quitters

December 16, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Street Fighter 5 quit penalty

Capcom is testing a new way to combat rage quitting in Street Fighter V, and details have gotten out. The new method, which involves marking profiles of quitters, is currently being tested by Capcom, but the company forgot to password the test branch of the Steam version. Thus, some eagle-eyed users were able to check it out before Capcom could protect it.

Here’s the screenshot in question (courtesy of NeoGAF user Moaradin):


If you don’t want to strain your eyes, here is what it says:

Penalties will be incurred for disconnecting during a network match, including LP reduction and temporary matchmaking restrictions. Also, special icons will be displayed on the Fighter Profiles of players who frequently disconnect, as well as those who never do, making it easier for players with the same icon to battle against each other.

This is a great step forward for Street Fighter V, even if it’s pretty ridiculous that the user base had to wait until almost a year after launch until it was introduced. This really should’ve been included when the game released in February, but at least Capcom is learning from its baffling mistakes.

This new update is expected to release soon, and the game’s second season begins on December 20 when Akuma is released. Other details from the leak include direct input support, various balance changes, and the ability to pick the music in each mode. Some of the menus have been updated as well, and it looks like Rashid’s bodyguard Azam could be a playable character in the future.

(Source: NeoGAF via Eurogamer)