Final Fantasy XV Update 1.03 Is Live, Adds New Game Plus & More

December 21, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Arriving a day earlier than expectedFinal Fantasy XV update 1.03 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One adds New Game Plus and a new photo frame feature. A 3.23GB download, here’s what the PS4’s Update History says it includes: Various “bux” fixes, New Game Plus mode (carry over certain data from a previous playthrough), and additional bonus content.

According to players, starting New Game Plus overwrites your original save file, there’s no other difficulty levels than Easy and Normal, enemy difficulty remains the same, the upgraded Engine Blade will return to its original version, and the Regalia will return to its original state.

Here’s what NeoGAF user rayman1900 says is carried over in New Game Plus:

  • Your levels
  • Your weapons, including all arminger weapons
  • All magic and magic flasks
  • All previously unlocked skills
  • All ascension grid previously unlocked
  • All inventory from NG
  • All photos, recipe, and fish caught
  • Gil from NG
  • AP from NG
  • Outfits (even Kingsglaive ones)

Square Enix hasn’t given out detailed patch notes, but the update likely also includes prep for the two pieces of Holiday Pack DLC releasing tomorrow, December 22.

If you live in the United States, both GameStop and Amazon are currently offering Final Fantasy XV for $39.99 USD.

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