ARK: Survival Evolved Update on January 16 Will Add the Latest Game Content

January 9, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Late last week, a new ARK: Survival Evolved update (1.05) went live on PlayStation 4 to address “blue screening” issues by reducing failed Invites and dedicated server stalling. It also included performance and memory improvements and tweaks.

“Make sure to download the latest patch on PS4!” the ARK Twitter account added. “Also hoping to release a further patch next week to resolve blue screening completely.”

On January 16, Studio Wildcard will release another ARK: Survival Evolved update, adding the latest game content to PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s the preliminary patch notes for version 503.0 coming next week:

  • Added Procedurally Generated Maps mode!
  • Switched to new memory allocator for much more efficient memory usage (resolves any OOM crashes) and better performance
  • All PC equivalent content up & functionality through v253.x

You can see all of the PC content and functionality in v253.x over here. Version 253.0 alone included the Photographic Camera item, several new dinos (Cnidaria, Troodon, Tusoteuthis, Pegomastax, Therizinosaurus), two new full-scale underwater caves, and more.

ARK: Survival Evolved is expected to reach the content-complete stage and fully launch this spring.

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