Analyst Firm Estimates Battlefield 1 Sales at 15 Million, Titanfall 2 at 4 Million

January 24, 2017Written by Alex Co


While EA hasn’t revealed the sales figures for its big shooter of 2016 Battlefield 1, we have had confirmation that it sold a ton during the holidays. Well, it seems if recent estimates from Wall Street financial firm Morgan Stanley is to be believed, Battlefield 1 has already topped 15 million units sold.

Morgan Stanley is raising its 2017 sales forecast for publisher EA by three percent based on strong sales from Battlefield 1, and the publisher’s Star Wars mobile game. The financial firm states that the Battlefield 1 sales are so big, that it now estimates the shooter to have surpassed 15 million units sold.

Morgan Stanley: We [are raising] our Battlefield fiscal-third-quarter unit estimate by 2.6 million to 15 million. [That’s] based on strong third-party data trends and our proprietary price tracker showing Battlefield was the second least discounted title this holiday season, which we view as a sign of strength.

In addition to BF1 sales, Morgan Stanley estimates Titanfall 2 sales at four million units, which is also the firm’s initial sales estimates for Respawn’s debut PlayStation 4 game.

Are you surprised at the Battlefield 1 sales estimate? Or for Titanfall 2’s for that matter? Or are they exactly where you think they are?

[Source: VentureBeat]