Fans Create The Last of Us Part II’s Trailer in Live-Action

January 25, 2017Written by Alex Co

While we’ve seen our fair share of The Last of Us live-action fan-made videos, this one made by the “Made Live” group might be the first one for The Last of Us Part II!

What the people at Made Live did was, it re-created (as best as they can) the CGI reveal trailer for The Last of Us Part II that was shown at last month’s PlayStation Experience press conference into live-action.

It’s definitely not a bad adaptation. They even included Ellie’s tattoos and even some of the scars. And yep, it doesn’t look or feel hokey at all. You can keep tabs on Made Live’s projects via their Twitter, or by checking their YouTube channel.

Have you seen other The Last of Us live-action fan films? If so, let us know in the comments or send us an email.