Ubisoft Apologizes For Rainbow Six Siege Connection Issues With Renown Boost

February 22, 2017Written by Tyler Treese


The second season for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege kicked into full gear earlier this month, but it hasn’t all been good news for the first-person shooter. Over the past few weeks, players have experienced a variety of connection issues that have hampered their enjoyment of the game. Thankfully, those issues seem to have been fixed, but Ubisoft still wants to do right by their players.

Here’s what Ubisoft Montreal Community Developer Justin Kruger had to say over at the game’s official subreddit:

In light of the connection related issues some players have been experiencing over the past weeks, we will provide a 50% renown boost for a 7 day period, starting today.

This boost will be made available on all platforms and for all players.

Should we experience any additional issues during this time we will extend the boost to accommodate the lost time.

Thank you all for your patience over the past few days and your continued support!

Connection issues are sadly an unfortunate problem that will inevitably hit multiplayer games, but it’s good to see Ubisoft responding the right way. It’s easy to see why these problems would be off-putting to problems, but the allure of getting renown should get regular players excited about jumping back into Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft’s competitive first-person shooter is currently in its second year, and recently saw the release of update 1.24. It added in two additional Operators (Mira and Jackal), a new map called Coastline taking place in Spain, and four new weapon skins. You can check out the full list of improvements here.

(Source: Reddit)