Trophy Theory: That First Bronze Trophy

March 1, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

PlayStation Trophies Trophy Theory First Bronze

I remember my first PlayStation trophy. October 12th, 2008, at 4:17 PM, I earned a bronze trophy called Sigil of Time in Linger in Shadows. It was more of an interactive piece of art than a game, but it was one of the few things that had trophies after the PS3 update 2.40 that brought trophy support to limited games. Beginning in 2009, all newly certified games would be required to have trophy support, but that first six months or so didn’t leave a lot of options for earning trophies. Yes, I know that Trophies were added in July of 2008, but during those first few months I was recovering from a motorcycle accident, so my first taste didn’t come until later that year.

It’s weird to think that was over eight years ago now. Linger in Shadows developer Plastic went on to create the Move title Datura in 2012 and Bound just last year. And I went on to get 11,651 more trophies, and counting. By the time you read this I’ll probably have logged more than that. According to PSNProfiles, I’m averaging 3.86 trophies per day since that first bronze.

Chandler Trophy total January 17

My latest? Platinum number 160. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which has been a long time coming since I reviewed it back in 2015. Obviously my affinity for trophies puts me in a particular position, equipped to bring you a unique view on the the world of PlayStation Trophies. Welcome to the newest PSLS feature delving into everything trophies: Trophy Theory.

Trophy Theory Syllabus

Trophy Theory isn’t a feature to be pigeonholed into singular subjects. It won’t just be about trophy guides or bragging about the latest earns. It won’t only be lists of hilarious trophy names or obnoxiously difficult to obtain bronzes. It will go deeper into trophies, asking some unique questions about this massive facet of gaming that hides just under the surface of every game we PlayStation gamers play. I will explore the psychology of that addiction and obsession with trophies, or the reason that we’re so willing to grind tens of hours for one trophy, but won’t replay a five hour game for another.

We’ll also be talking to industry professionals about their takes on trophies, how they develop their lists of accomplishments, and maybe someday we’ll even get word from Sony themselves about the system that was designed to compete with Xbox Achievements. I’ll also be doing livestreams of runs for certain trophies and road to Platinums as I continue to pursue each game’s highest honor. Like I said, Trophy Theory will be about everything PlayStation Trophies from a games writer with a particular fixation on these digital collectibles.

I’ve always wanted to bring this perspective to my writing. In fact, one of the first features that I ever wrote after starting with PlayStation LifeStyle was about chasing high-scores, and how trophies and in-game accomplishments are just another form of those score leaderboards that have been a part of gaming since the beginning. I recommend you give it a read, and not just because I wrote it. It actually holds up as a piece about why we play video games, and some glimpses into the psychology of getting people to play for longer, chasing that high-score mark, and it’s a four year old foundation for PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Theory.

So how about it fellow trophy hunters, do you remember your first bronze trophy? Do you remember the rush of that initial ding? What about your first Platinum? Of course there are the easy trophies to get, but what about the feeling of accomplishment when you get a really tough one, finishing a game on the hardest difficulty, or pulling off an amazing feat? Or maybe you’re not a trophy hunter. You’re just here because you’re curious. Don’t worry. That’s the first step to joining the rest of us.

I want Trophy Theory to be a conversation. This shouldn’t be me talking at you. It should be a discussion about trophies and everything that comes with it. I want your suggestions for what you want to talk about or see on Trophy Theory. Want to see a Platinum run for a particular game? Have a question for the Trophy community that you want to discuss? Throw your ideas into the comments below, email me, or tweet me. You may see your suggestion tailored into a future Trophy Theory.

Whether you have less than a hundred trophies or you’ve got my total trophy count beaten, PlayStation LifeStyle’s Trophy Theory is the ultimate course in PlayStation Trophies for every PlayStation gamer. Welcome to class. This is just the first bronze trophy, with many more to come.

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