Sacred Fire Devs Introduce Gameplay in New Commentary Video

March 16, 2017Written by Martin Patiño

Poetic Studio, the developer of Kickstarter game Sacred Fire, has released a new commentary video where Creative Director Andrej Vojtas and Community Manager Martin Kolesar demonstrate and explain the game’s unique turn-based gameplay.

We are excited to provide an in-depth look at Sacred Fire, which offers a unique narrative-based RPG experience where, as we say, your heart hides all of the monsters. The gameplay slice from our prologue demonstrates how the game is presented, and how the story will evolve based on the tactical decisions made during the choice driven narrative and cinematic turn-based combat.

The video shows off some of the game’s encounters including how it handles dialogue, combat, story progression, and character progression. The game features unique turn-based gameplay that focuses on psychology and considering the effects and consequences of choices.

The Sacred Fire Kickstarter campaign is still currently running and, as of this writing, has garnered a little over $10,000 of its $50,000 goal.