Read These LawBreakers Tips Before Playing The Open Beta

July 28, 2017Written by Tyler Treese


The open beta for LawBreakers begins this weekend, which means that many players will be checking out Boss Key Productions’ upcoming first-person shooter for the first time. As with any new game, a lot of players will be pretty bad at it initially. Have no fear, though, as the one and only Cliffy B gave some LawBreakers tips over at the PlayStation Blog.

Without further adieu here are some tips courtesy of Boss Key Productions CEO Cliff Bleszinski (via the PlayStation Blog):

  • We do have some aim assist on PS4 but it’s pretty minimal, so you’re going to have to, uh, AIM and earn those kills and cap those objectives
  • Enforcers “run” isn’t just a run, it’s a DISTORTION FIELD BUBBLE that speeds up EVERYTHING in it, including your shots AND teammates
  • Assassin’s grapple has some “wiggle room” to adjust as you zip through the maps
  • The Titan may seem slow but if you blindfire (d-pad) you can fly through low gravity maps like you’re Mary Poppins, y’all
  • Gunslinger’s “warp” is omni-directional, so look anywhere, hit it, and you GO THERE
  • Juggernaut’s run ability also doubles as a butt stomp when mid air – and yes, you can get kills this way
  • Our Battle Medics are surprisingly powerful on offense, so make sure to shell, shell away
  • Vanguards can create a giant zero G bubble for their ultimate – make sure to use it for extra air time
  • Wraith can triple jump and wall jump, making this role pretty much “the floor is lava” all the darned time

We’ve got even more details on this weekend’s LawBreakers open beta here.

LawBreakers releases on August 8, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)