Destiny 2 Xur Location and Inventory Guide for September 22-25, 2017

September 22, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 xur

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time for our Destiny 2 Xur location and inventory guide. Unlike Destiny 1, where Xur was always present in a social space, the mysterious vendor can now be found out in the exploration zones. His currency is Legendary Shards, which can be obtained by breaking down legendary and exotic gear. Xur now stays from reset Friday morning until the weekly reset on Tuesday, so no more worrying about getting to him within a 48 hour window.

This week, Xur is on Titan. Fast travel to The Rig and head left to find Xur just inside one of the rooms. You’ll have to drop down a couple of levels as you head towards him. You can mark his location on your map. This week, Xur is selling the Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher for 29 shards. The Foetracer Hunter helmet is available for 23 shards. You can get the ACD/0 Feedback Fence Titan gauntlets for 23 shards. And finally, the Sunbracers Warlock gauntlets for 23 shards.

The Wardcliff Coil rocket launcher has a storied history with Destiny. Originally excavated from The Taken King’s files, and known back then as the “Dubious Volley,” Destiny 2 finally made this launcher real. It launches a barrage of mini rockets at enemies, great for dealing a lot of damage to groups or large bosses. It will automatically reload on power ammo pickup. Without tracking, it becomes ineffective when the enemies are moving too fast though, so it doesn’t quite have the same impact that Gjallarhorn did in Destiny 1.

Foetracer allows Hunters to mark targeted enemies and deal additional damage to any marked enemies with low health. This is a great all purpose helmet for more damage output, especially if you have a team weakening enemies for you, though most Hunters will probably find that they prefer other exotic armor pieces over this one.

The ACD/0 Feedback Fence is perfect for the punchy Titan that loves to be right in the fray. Increasing mobility so that Titans can move faster, it also builds up a charge as the Titan gets melee kills. Whenever the Titan is struck by a melee attack from an enemy, they release a damaging area of effect attack around them

Sunbracers used to be called Sunbreakers in Destiny 1, but the name overlapped with a Titan subclass, so they changed the name. This Warlock gauntlet increases the duration of Solar grenades and grants grenade energy on Solar melee hits. This can be useful against bosses, as the Solar grenade deals damage over time.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie recently detailed the Faction Rallies that will launch this coming Tuesday. We’ve also got a series of Destiny 2 guides, including an endgame guide for after the campaign, a step-by-step Raid guide, and a guide on how to trigger all heroic public events.

Which items are you picking up from Xur this week?