Daily Random: Totally Going to Die

Mood killer.


A Site Review in Review – Making PSLS Better

I give them a 7/10


PSLS Community Review (Site) – Please Insult Us

We promise not to cry.


Bad Gamers V: Assassin’s Creed Fatigue and Halo 4 Art

The greatest podcast series on PSLS.


And the Winners Are…

Not you.


Win 30 Days of PS Plus and Access to the All-Stars Beta

Can I have one?


Bad Gamers: Ep 3 – How to Know if You’re a Fanboy

I’m a PSLS fanboy.


How Poor Sourcing Kills Games Journalism

The death of investigative journalism.

Borderlands2 Winning

Daily Reaction: Topless (and Hairy) Borderlands 2 Winners

People make a complete boob out of themselves.


Daily Reaction Giveaway: 5 Awesome Borderlands 2 T-Shirts

How far would you go for Loot?


We’re Back: Get An Eyeful of PSLS Reborn

Hot stuff.


Commencing Countdown, Engines On: The New PSLS Launches Today

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

anger management

What Pisses Us Off About the Vita, Timed Exclusives and PSN Downtime

Anger Management.


DualShock & Awe #12 – Skyrim Fail, More FFXIII?!

Time for the latest episode of DualShock & Awe, the official podcast for PlayStation Lifestyle! We’ve got Skyrim fails, psychic cats, & more!

sad sand

Win a Copy of Spec Ops: The Line For PS3, 5 Up For Grabs [Update: Winners]

Didn’t win our Dyad or Rainbow Moon giveaway, and don’t think you’llRead the full article…


DualShock & Awe Minicast – We’re Back and Ready to Kick Some Ass!

Did you miss us last week? We sure missed you. DualShock &Read the full article…

feature-rainbow moon

PSLS Giveaway: Rainbow Moon [Updated w/ Winners]

Rainbow Moon, the RPG from developer SideQuest Studios, has just been releasedRead the full article…


PSLS Giveaway: Dyad

I know it may not look like December but for a fewRead the full article…

massive damage

Guess the Last Boss in PSASBR, Win $20 on PSN

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is shaping up to be a PlayStation fan’sRead the full article…