It’s Off-Screen, But Hey, a Black Rose Valkyrie Gameplay Video

For those of us who are desperate or just have low standards.

Ys VIII Fishing Mode Details, Screens

RPGs gotta have some fishin’!

Learn More About Root Letter’s Mysterious Tale in New Trailer

Maybe the mail system in Shimane is just like, really slow?

Caligula’s Story Scenes Shown in New Video

That man. The one who’s always standing and walking.

See How Vita Handles Dragon Quest Heroes II

For the curious.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Out Now in Japan; Check the Launch Trailer

Sequel to Innocent Cog: Yth Memory.

The King of Fighters XIV – Team Fatal Fury Trailer

Was also the name of my hotdog eating team back in the day.

See Dragon Quest Heroes II Multiplayer in Action in This Video

Sadly doesn’t show Vita/PS4 cross-play, but still.

Gran Turismo Sport Screenshots Are Hot-Hot-Hot

Look at all the pretties!

See the Next Sengoku Basara Game in Screens & Video

Is this from the days when samurai were paid in bushels of rice? I’m rusty on my history.

Meet 2 Teams in PS4 Exclusive The King of Fighters XIV

Team Yagami and Team Japan.

Caligula Gameplay Video Shows Party Roaming, Fighting Students

Despite all their rage, these students are comparable only to rodents in some sort of holding device.

15 New King of Fighters XIV Screenshots

Everybody will be kung-fu fighting.

Here’s the Dragon Quest Heroes II Opening Video

Comes out in Japan soon.

Rubbin’ Some Boobs!

Vita touchscreen justified.

It’s OK if You Never Type This Game’s Real Name

You want me to hit 4 buttons to make one stupid symbol that you wrote in the name anyway?

Vita RPG Caligula Trailer Gives Preview of Preview of Battle

That’s not a typo.

Stranger of Sword City New Vita Version Out This July in Japan, New Trailer

Called a “New Interpretation.”

Touhou Sky Arena Isn’t a Dreamcast Game But Sure Looks Like One

Well that’s cute I guess.