I Promise: After Booth Babes Wore My Final Fantasy XV Mask, It DID NOT HAUNT Anything!

It’s Halloween, and that means scary stories, lots of candy, and dressing up. This fall, the world will (allegedly) get to play the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV, and the whole industry is excited. You can see the buzz in these booth babes — who usually promote other games — as they don a mask of Final Fantasy XV‘s Gladiolus. And I promise absolutely nothing went horrifyingly wrong as they did this. Nope. You will not see the mask freak out and start to take shit over during the course of this gallery. Not a chance.

Whew! I’m sure glad he got that haunting thing out of his system and cooled his jets!

You can play Final Fantasy XV in late November, worldwide, and you can share your own Halloween fright stories, favorite candies, scary game moments, or whatever, in the comments below!

[Disclaimer: Square Enix would like to note that little to no Satanic magic was used during the development of Final Fantasy XV.]