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Volition’s Jim Boone Asks Daily Reaction: What Was the Most Intriguing Game of E3?

Boone goes the dynamite.


The PlayStation 4 Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Paid PS+ Online, Hardware, Games, News and More

The ultimate manual to being a PS4 god.


Zindagi Games’ 2013 PS4 Motion Game to Have Online Multiplayer, Job Suggests

You’ll have to move online.


PlayStation Store Preview – April 9th, 2013

Want to know what’s coming in this week’s update?


BioShock Infinite Review (PS3)

Is BioShock Infinite worthy of the hype? Or does everyone need to get their head out of the clouds? Find out in our review.


Enhancing PlayStation Move: DualPLAY’s Creator Talks Motion, Crowd Funding and Trying to be Truly 1:1

Motion control finally perfected…if all goes as planned.


Get all Nostalgic and Relive Your Favorite #PlayStationMemories Ahead of the PS4 Reveal



BioShock: Infinite Rated Mature by the ESRB for Intense Violence, Blood, Gore and “Derogatory Ethnic/Racial Terms”

“I think yeh gave me the clap, ya dirty boy…”


Amazon Gives Diggs Nightcrawler a Subtitle

You didn’t forget about this game, did you?


Mad Dog McCree Shoots up the PSN Tomorrow, Try out the Demo for Free

It’ll be a dog day afternoon.


PlayStation Store Preview – January 22nd, 2013: Wrath and Revengeance

Want to know what’s coming in this week’s update?

Simpsons Couch Karate

Bad Gamers: Ep 16 – Sony Patents, WipEout Rebirth and Fallout 4

Nothing went wrong…that’s not right.


No, Sony Did Not Patent a New Move Controller

Sigh, not this again.


Sony Patent Shows Why Full Body Move Control Would be Dangerous, Terrible

There goes the TV.

sportsfriends header

Success! Sportsfriends Surpasses Necessary Funds – Due For Fall 2013 Release

Ready to make some Sportsfriends?

Joust header

3 Days Left, $60,000 to go – J.S Joust and Friends Need Your Help

Some of what are said to be the best local multiplayer indie games ever are doomed to failure without your help.