PS4 Camera Supports Navigational Voice Commands, Sony Confirms

While Microsoft has repeatedly touted the Kinect 2’s voice recognition features, Sony has generally been rather quiet about what their camera can do on the PS4. But camera fans needn’t worry, as Sony has nonchalantly confirmed that the PlayStation Camera supports navigational voice commands during their GameStop Expo Conference, which can be viewed here.

Sold separately, unlike the Kinect 2, Sony will likely find it harder to get developer and consumer support for the device, but, as many have pointed out – does it really matter?

Previously, SCEA President Jack Tretton explained his thoughts on bundling a camera with a console, saying “to force every consumer to have one on day one, when some of them may be on a limited budget and don’t necessarily have the interest in it, or to mandate that the development community has to support it… ends up coming up a little bit short in terms of things of things that people can get excited about.”

The PS Camera releases alongside the the PS4 for $59.99. Will you be getting it? Let us know yea or nay in the comments below.