Omega Quintet to be the First PS4 Retail Game to Use the PlayStation Move

September 6, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

Even though the PlayStation Move is compatible with the PlayStation 4, Compile Heart’s Omega Quintet will be the first PS4 retail game to make use of the PS Move.

Omega Quintet is an upcoming idol simulation/RPG title that will have players using both the PlayStation Camera and the PS Move. Players have a scantily clad idol group, called the “Verse Maidens,” battle enemies and also perform in music videos.

Over 150 different songs can be chosen from in order to create the videos, and players can put themselves into the video using the PlayStation Camera. Meanwhile, the PS Move can be used to create light effects for the video.

Omega Quintet is coming out in Japan on October 2, although can be played on US PS4 systems.

Do you have the PS Move for your PS4? If so, is this a game you would want to pick up?

[Source: Siliconera]