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Omega Quintet Review – All About That Fluff (PS4)

Be prepared to read a whole lot of nonsensical dialogue.

11 Reasons I Won’t Finish Omega Quintet

Bought it, played it, can’t stand it.

PSLS Live: Omega Quintet Early Access Live Stream (Offline)

I am Alpha. I am Omega Quintet.

Omega Quintet PS4 Release Date in North America & Europe Announced

Check out a couple of trailers for this JRPG/idol simulation.

PS4 RPG Omega Quintet: 50 Exclusive Screenshots

Including the classic anime faceboob shot.

7 Battle Screens of PS4-Exclusive RPG Omega Quintet

Said battles are the best part of the game.

The Niche Games Report: Looking Ahead to 2015

Shut the niche Up!

Musical JRPG Omega Quintet Set to Come to North America and Europe in 2015

Anime, singing, and girls coming in 2015

PS4-Exclusive Omega Quintet Sings the Tune of Turn-Based RPGs [TGS Hands-On]

With the anime and the girlies and the singing and the RPG fights…

Omega Quintet to be the First PS4 Retail Game to Use the PlayStation Move

Battle enemies and plan music videos!