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PlayStation Now Beta Shows Rental Options, Adds More Games

Continuing to update the PlayStation Now beta currently going on in theRead the full article…


More PlayStation Now Beta Invites Being Sent Out – Check Your Inbox!

Check it now!


Week In Review: 3/14/14 – Back to the Drawing Board

Calm before the storm.


PS3 Game Rental Option Appears on the PlayStation Store

Too bad it doesn’t actually work…


Bad Gamers: Ep 63 – PlayStation Now Prices, Unfinished Games and Dark Souls 2

Games need return policies.


Potential PlayStation Now Prices Revealed by Updated Gaikai Site

Could they charge $5 – $6 to rent a game?

PS3 Lifeline

Sony: The PS3 Has “A Lot of Life Left in it”; We’re Confident About PS Now Delivering Low Latency

The PS3 lineup for next year looks like it will be good, according to Koller.


Ask PSLS: How Much Would You Pay for PlayStation Now?

We throw random dollar amounts at each other inside. Come join us!


Pachter Says PlayStation Now is a Joke, “Has no Prayer of Working”

You know they’re laughing at you, right?


Bad Gamers: Ep 60 – Xbox Adverts, PlayStation Now and The End of Daily Reaction.

Now what?


PlayStation Now Beta Includes Killzone 3, Puppeteer, More; PS Now Beta Video Shows Killzone 3

The video’s pretty low quality…


PlayStation Now Beta Invites Being Sent Out, Check Your Inbox!

It’s starting!


PlayStation Now May Not be Available in Canada This Summer After All

Bad news, everyone in Canada.


Report: Sony Using Custom PS3s for PlayStation Now, EU Gets Streaming in 2015

It wouldn’t be Sony without a leak.


Sony on PlayStation Now: 5Mbps “Not a Floor”; Launching in US & Canada This Summer

Yep, Koller said Canadians are getting PlayStation Now this summer as well.


Sony on PS3 Games in PlayStation Now: Goal is to Have ” As Much of the Library as We Can”

Will PlayStation Home continue on PS4? “We’ll see.”


Sony Working With 3rd Parties to Bring Titles to PlayStation Now US Launch

More games the better.


Sony: PlayStation Now “Doesn’t Solve the Backwards Compatibility Situation” on PS4

What if I jiggle around the PS3 disc in my PS4 with a paperclip? Will that work?