Gran Turismo Sport Career Mode review

Gran Turismo Sport Single-Player & VR Review-in-Progress (PS4)

Servers weren’t live so the full review is still on its way.

Wolfenstein 2 trailer

Wolfenstein II Preview – Take a Trip to New Orleans (PS4)

It’s an impressive trip down south.


Skyrim VR Preview – There and Back Again (PSVR)

It’s not as impressive as it seems.


Golden Garbage: Ni no Kuni II Has a Money Problem

Or, more specifically, “Mo money, mo problems.”

Dynasty Warriors 9 preview

TGS 2017: Dynasty Warriors 9 Preview – Battle of Guandu (PS4)

We finally went hands-on with the new gameplay systems.

echo preview

Echo Preview – Designed to Mock You (PS4)

We also discuss the developer’s origins and future.


Hidden Dragon Legend Preview — Kung Fu Fighting (PS4)

Should it be on your radar?

Famitsu Tokyo Game Show 2017 Live Stream

Monster Hunter: World Preview — Great Jagras and Rathalos, Oh My! (PS4)

I hunted a Great Jagras, and I liked it! The taste of its cherry chap stick.


Lost Sphear Preview — Finding Memories (PS4)

How can memories be real if brains aren’t real?

Secret of Mana remake preview

Secret of Mana Remake Preview — Lacking Polish (PS4)

Is the facelift a good thing?

Yokus Island Express preview

Yoku’s Island Express Preview — A Pinball Adventure (PS4)

It’s a pinball adventure!

Gravel preview

Gravel Preview — Going Off-Road (PS4)

Racing around the globe.

assassin's creed origins trailer

Assassin’s Creed Origins Preview — Bulls, Poison and Cleopatra (PS4)

Saving bulls by day, assassinating foes by night.

The Crew 2 preview

The Crew 2 Preview — Racing on Land, Air, and Sea (PS4)

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle I’m driving, I’ll find a way to crash it into the side of a building.

Far Cry 5 (4)

Far Cry 5 Preview — Good Dog, Bad People (PS4)

We killed cult members with a very good boy.

Danganronpa V3 demo

Danganronpa V3 Demo Breaks the Fourth Wall, Brings Back Previous Protagonists

Have you missed Makoto and Hajime?

Destiny 2 EDZ 1

Destiny 2 EDZ Exploration Hands-On Impressions – Watch 45 Minutes of Gameplay

Lots of Easter eggs in the video for eager Guardians.

ace combat 7

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Preview – Wheels up in 2018 (PS4)

Louis talked to Bandai Namco Brand Manager David Bonacci, a former Navy Pilot!

project cars 2 preview

Project Cars 2 Preview – Turbos Singing in the Rain

We were recently invited to San Francisco ahead of the kickoff off Gamescom in Germany to take the latest build of Project Cars 2 for a test drive.

World of Tanks War Stories

World of Tanks: War Stories – Hands to Treads With Single Player Tanks

Entirely free-to-play, the same as the multiplayer game.