Help Desk 555x328

PSLS Help Desk – PS4 Error Code CE-34788-0 Fix

Error appears when trying to install the new firmware after upgrading your hard drive.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Interview – Quickscoping Futuristic Warfare

Plenty to check out in the new CoD MP.


PS4 Pro – Every Important Info We Know So Far

Introducing Sony’s new, premium hardware.

Video Game Delays

10 Agonizingly Long Waits For Video Games

Sometimes the long wait isn’t even worth it.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor Hands-On Preview – Duel and Die Honorably (PS4)

Duel with honor, for honor.


PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for September 13-September 20, 2016

FIFA 17 and PES 2017 go head-to-head. Sort of.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 4 Pro Featured

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a PS4 Pro

You know you want one!


Destiny: Rise of Iron Impressions – Hands-On With New Crucible Maps

Take a trip to Venus and Mars.


Ranking the Best and Worst of the Crash Bandicoot Series

Don’t jump over this feature!


This Day in PlayStation History: Crash Bandicoot

Sony’s loveable marsupial turns twenty!

PS4 Pro 555x328

PS4 Pro Impressions – Witnessing Is Believing

It’s definitely more impressive if you see it first-hand.


This Day in PlayStation History: PlayStation One Launch

Let’s place Pro on the back-burner and circle back to where it all began.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 24 – PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim Reveal Reactions

Was that a…PowerPoint presentation?

Hue Review

Hue PS4 Game Giveaway

Prepare for a colorful comments section!

Trigger King Review Featured

Trigger King Xcaliber PS4 Adjustable Triggers Review – Trigger Happy

Finger off the trigger.


Killing the Myth of the “Right” Reviewer

Let’s be real, Chandler is always the right reviewer.


Now Loading…Your Thoughts on PS4 Pro

Hurray or meh?


PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for September 6-September 13, 2016

This week’s heralds the release of The Tomorrow Children.