Start Preloading The Division 2’s Private Beta Now

Preloading for The Division 2’s upcoming private beta is now live on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Players with access to the beta will definitely want to begin the download early, given the file’s rather large size. Across all platforms, The Division 2’s beta clocks in at about 46GB.

Preordering The Division 2 gets you access to the private beta. However, a select few players will be able to jump in based on beta sign-ups. Of course, not all who submitted a request to join will receive beta invites.

For the beta’s content, Ubisoft Massive has plenty in the cards. A level cap of seven should keep things interesting during this limited time period. Players will also get to explore seven missions, two of which are main missions, while the remaining five are side quests. Dark Zones, The Division’s PVP mode, will also be accessible during the beta session. Additionally, players will have access to Skirmish, another PvP mode with team deathmatch at its core.

Since The Division 2’s announcement in early 2018, details have emerged piecemeal. However, in the last few days, more information has begun to surface, courtesy of press getting more hands-on time with the sequel. Apparently, the endgame content is shaping up nicely. Yet, it’s unclear how the narrative will shape up this time around, considering Ubisoft’s concerted effort to keep politics to a minimum.

The Division 2’s private beta will go live on February 7th and last until February 10th. The game’s full release is set for March 15th on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: ResetEra]