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dragons crown pro review

Dragon’s Crown Pro Review – If the Crown Still Fits… (PS4)

Keep draggin’ this crown around PlayStation devices.

AO International Tennis review

AO International Tennis Review – New Balls, Please (PS4)

Does AO International Tennis serve up an ace or hit the net?

Tacoma Review Feature

Tacoma Review – Artificial Emotion (PS4)

Can you feel the love (in space) tonight?

Death Road to Canada PS4 Review

Death Road to Canada Review – Road to Salvation (PS4)

The Oregon Trail with some twists, Death Road to Canada is as addicting as the classic it’s based off of.

Guns of Icarus Alliance Review – Full Steam Ahead (PS4)

Who’s ready to conquer the skies?

City of brass review

City of Brass Review – Those Arabian Nights (PS4)

You can’t wish for more wishes.

HIVE: Altenum Wars Review

HIVE: Altenum Wars Review – Spiralling Through Space (PS4)

Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away, there’s a very sad, generic robot whispering, “I’m the king of the hill.”

Dead Secret PSVR review 2

Dead Secret Review – Mobile Tension (PS4/PSVR)

A mobile VR port that can be played both in VR and on a TV.

The Swords of Ditto Review – Saturday Morning Glee (PS4)

The artstyle alone could leave you breathless.

The adventure pals review

The Adventure Pals Review – Time for Adventure (PS4)

Somebody’s turning everyone into hot dogs! Surely they mustard seen it coming.

Code Realize Bouquet of Rainbows review

Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ Review (PS4)

I realize that this review is rather late. You might say I Code: Realize it.

PlayStation Anthology book review

PlayStation Anthology Book Review – For Those Who Live the PlayStation Lifestyle

The fascinating history of PlayStation, all in one place.

Rick and morty virtual rick ality Review

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Review – Laundry Day (PSVR)

You are the insignificant of the insignificant; you are a Morty clone.

Beast Quest Review – All Bark and No Bite (PS4)

No real belly to this beast.

God of War Review – Shattered Chains of the Past (PS4)

It’s finally time to unleash Hel!

Super Daryl Deluxe Review

Super Daryl Deluxe Review – Weirdly Charming (PS4)

It gets weird.

Gal Gun 2 Review Feature

Gal*Gun 2 Review – Wet and Wild (PS4)

It’s not the size of the gun but the motion of the ocean.

Regalia of Men and Monarchs review

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs Review – The King is Safe (PS4)

A western-developed homage to classic JRPGs? What could possibly go wrong?

Extinction Review Key Art

Extinction Review – Attack of the Titans (PS4)

Wander in the shadows of an ogre!

Owlboy PS4 review

Owlboy Review – Homecoming (PS4)

I’m not an owlboy, not quite an owlman.