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Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Band Hero DLC Soon to Disappear Forever

But some of it is on sale for up to 50% off in the meantime.

DJ Hero 2 Turns the Tables with a 5-Star Worthy Deal

If you’ve read our review for DJ Hero 2, then you probablyRead the full article…

DJ Hero 2 Pendulum DLC Hitting PlayStation Store Today

It was a sad, sad day when Activision confirmed that it wouldRead the full article…

Latest DJ Hero and Guitar Hero Titles Get Their Prices Slashed

If you’re still itching for some post-Christmas games and are in theRead the full article…


PS3 Doing Some Mad VooDoo This Weekend

Halloween is this coming weekend. With it comes the VooDoo Experience, a festival in New Orleans. PlayStation will be present there as well.

Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Need a Hero to Save Them

Since the explosion of the genre in 2006 and 2007, music games seem to have hit their saturation point. Can anything stop the demise of Guitar Hero?


PS3 Review – DJ Hero 2

Our DJ Hero 2 review is here and is ready to mix things up…

Mix and Scratch DJ Hero 2 at Best Buy Now

As one of the more recent rhythm games to hit the market, DJ Hero averaged scores in the high 80’s, yet failed to capture the large audience base it was hoping for. So, for the upcoming sequel, Activision is making sure that no would-be DJ’s miss the chance to fade, scratch, and mix to their hearts content.


DJ Hero 2 DLC Revealed; Mix of Trailers Released

DJ Hero 2 is set to hit retail shelves in less thanRead the full article…

Buy DJ Hero 2, Get DJ Hero Free

Publishing powerhouse Activision has officially confirmed that consumers who purchase either the DJ Hero 2 Turntable Bundle or Party Bundle will get a standalone version of the first DJ Hero game for free.

Activision Spins up DJ Hero 2 Pre-order Bonuses

As FreeStyleGames’ DJ Hero 2 approaches its release date later this month the game’s publisher, Activision, has decided to announce incentives for the second iteration in the popular franchise.

DJ Hero 2 Gets Groovy With ‘Behind the Mixes’ Trailer

Recently, Activision unveiled the full track list for the hotly anticipated sequelRead the full article…

Full DJ Hero 2 Track List Unleashed

Activision has slowly been updating and announcing new artists and tracks forRead the full article…

DJ Hero 2 Mixing Up Serious Talent

The growing crew of turntable legends in Activision’s DJ Hero 2 continuesRead the full article…

DJ Hero 2 Setlist Scratching up Serious Talent

Given the huge success behind the first DJ Hero, the well-deserved sequelRead the full article…

Get Ready to Party with DJ Hero 2 this October

DJ Hero 2 has had a late 2010 release date planned sinceRead the full article…

DJ Hero 2 Empire Mode ‘Vignette’

DJ Hero 2 is much more than just a sequel to theRead the full article…

DJ Hero 2’s Hip-Hoppin’ Artist List Turns the Tables

The original DJ Hero was a successful endeavor for the rhythm videoRead the full article…

DJ Hero 2 Aims to be Ultimate Party Starter

After quite an impressive press conference this week, Activision is letting loose some new DJ Hero 2 trailers, screenshots and details. Last year’s top contender in the video game music genre is back, and it’s looking better than ever.

DJ Hero 2 Details: Two Turntables and a Microphone

Activision has achieved great success in the music and rhythm game genreRead the full article…