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Editor’s Letter – Goodbye Mobile Redirects, Thanks to Our Readers

You should now have a clean browsing experience on your mobile device.

Editor’s Letter: Fighting Mobile Redirects, and We Need You!

Help us get rid of mobile redirect issues.

Editor’s Letter – Change and Moving Forward

Changes, they are a coming.

Editor’s Letter – E3 2017 Cometh and PlayStation LifeStyle Coverage

Are you ready?

Editor’s Letter – PSLS Coverage for E3 2017 and Community PlayList

The PlayList is coming back!

Editor’s Letter – 2016 Ending and What You Want to See in 2017

What do you want to see here in PSLS come 2017?

Editor’s Letter – It’s Time for PlayStation LifeStyle’s “Best Of” Awards!

It’s that time of the year again!

Editor’s Letter – E3 2016 Press Conference Schedules and PSLS’ Coverage

We have a lot coming before, during and after the event!

Editor’s Letter – Thoughts on Open Discussion Posts and Forums

We need your feedback!

Editor’s Letter – PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year Awards

We’re giving each category the attention it deserves…

Editor’s Letter – The PlayStation LifeStyle App for iOS and Android Is Now Live!

Oh, yeah! We have an app!

Editor’s Letter: Multi-Platform News on PlayStation LifeStyle Feedback

It’s not what you think. Read it first before you get upset.

Editor’s Letter – New Original Video Series Incoming

New weekly and monthly shows!

Editor’s Letter: #PSLSatE3 and Event Coverage

Use #PSLSatE3 on Twitter and interact with the team!

Editor’s Letter: The Road to E3 2015

It has begun — coverage-wise, at least.

Editor’s Letter: PlayStation Vita’s Birthday Week

We’re going to show the Vita some much-needed love!

Editor’s Letter: Indie Games Showcase is a Go!

Indie coverage at its finest.

Editor’s Letter: PlayStation LifeStyle in 2015

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store this year! And thank you, everyone for being awesome!