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Editor’s Letter: Fighting Mobile Redirects, and We Need You!

Help us get rid of mobile redirect issues.

Editor’s Letter – Change and Moving Forward

Changes, they are a coming.

Editor’s Letter – E3 2017 Cometh and PlayStation LifeStyle Coverage

Are you ready?

Editor’s Letter – PSLS Coverage for E3 2017 and Community PlayList

The PlayList is coming back!

Editor’s Letter – 2016 Ending and What You Want to See in 2017

What do you want to see here in PSLS come 2017?

Editor’s Letter – It’s Time for PlayStation LifeStyle’s “Best Of” Awards!

It’s that time of the year again!

Editor’s Letter – E3 2016 Press Conference Schedules and PSLS’ Coverage

We have a lot coming before, during and after the event!

Editor’s Letter – Thoughts on Open Discussion Posts and Forums

We need your feedback!

Editor’s Letter – PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year Awards

We’re giving each category the attention it deserves…

Editor’s Letter – The PlayStation LifeStyle App for iOS and Android Is Now Live!

Oh, yeah! We have an app!

Editor’s Letter: Multi-Platform News on PlayStation LifeStyle Feedback

It’s not what you think. Read it first before you get upset.

Editor’s Letter – New Original Video Series Incoming

New weekly and monthly shows!

Editor’s Letter: #PSLSatE3 and Event Coverage

Use #PSLSatE3 on Twitter and interact with the team!

Editor’s Letter: The Road to E3 2015

It has begun — coverage-wise, at least.

Editor’s Letter: PlayStation Vita’s Birthday Week

We’re going to show the Vita some much-needed love!

Editor’s Letter: Indie Games Showcase is a Go!

Indie coverage at its finest.

Editor’s Letter: PlayStation LifeStyle in 2015

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store this year! And thank you, everyone for being awesome!

STFU! I’m Right, You’re Wrong, RRAAWWRR! (Updated)

From the author of “Stop Liking What I Don’t Like! GRRRR!”