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ridge racer unbounded

Ridge Racer Unbounded Servers Shut Down in Europe

EyePet online support to be discontinued, too.


Ask PSLS: Which PS4 Game Do You Most Hope is Announced During E3 2013?

Sports Champions 3!


PSP Review – EyePet

Tired of having to clean up after your real pets? Read our review for the PSP version of EyePet to see if it’s time to take Fido to your Brother’s ‘farm in the sky’!

PS3 Review – EyePet Move Edition

The premise of EyePet is pure genius. Everyone loves pets, they’re cute,Read the full article…

Kevin Butler: There’s a New Pet in Town

Last week, Sony kicked off the new advertising campaign for PlayStation MoveRead the full article…

North American EyePet Boxart Revealed

The North American boxart for EyePet, one of the most highly anticipated upcoming PS3 titles, has been released. The cover reveals some interesting aspects of the game that you may or may not have known.

EyePet is on the ‘Move’ to the West

While gamers out in Europe have had plenty of time to bondRead the full article…

Games That Support PlayStation Move At Launch

PlayStation Move has been officially revealed to the masses and will beRead the full article…

EyePet 2 Announced by Sony Europe

EyePet, the interactive PlayStation Eye title centered around having a virtual pet,Read the full article…

EyePet to Play Nice with Arc Motion Controller

One of the hottest topics of 2010 is Sony’s upcoming motion controller,Read the full article…

Amazon UK’s New PS3 Bundle Offer Will Make You Drool

It looks like Amazon UK has been inspired by their French counterpart. The online retailer hasRead the full article…

PS3 2010 Preview – First-Party Exclusives

With 2009 coming to a close, it’s time to take a long-hard look at the PlayStation 3 games coming out in 2010 in our PS3 2010 Preview.

PlayStation Review Round Up – November 09

November was a huge month in terms of big name game releases.Read the full article…

PS3 Review – EyePet

We’ve had the chance to care for, and play with our furry new EyePet. Is EyePet worth a purchase or does it need more training before you let it into your home and your hearts? Find out inside…

EyePet a Huge Success in the UK

Though it has been delayed in the US, EyePet has recently releasedRead the full article…

Online Beta Aims to House Break EyePet

EyePet has taken a bit of a backseat lately with the announcementRead the full article…

EyePet Let Out of Its Cage

EyePet, the upcoming PlayStation Eye-based pet simulator for the PlayStation 3, mayRead the full article…

EyePet Not Quite House Broken

EyePet is one of the biggest casual games coming this year, exclusivelyRead the full article…

Sony London Working on New IP

Sony London Studios have been hard at work as of late. They’veRead the full article…

EyePet Playing With The Family This Holiday Season

EyePet, Sony’s loveable pet game, has been given a US release date for all those who wished that tamagotchis where just that bit more interactive.