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PSLS Forum Competitions: Week 1 Results and Trivia Answers

Learn some PSLS history!


Here’s How to Watch Sony’s CES 2014 Press Conference & Kaz Hirai Keynote; Updated PS4 Sales Numbers Incoming?

Xbox One sells over 3 million units in 2013.


Daily Reaction: What Do You Buy the Man Who Has Everything?

A Shuhei teddy bear.


Ask PSLS: What Was Your Biggest Disappointment at E3 2013?

The lack of Kaz.


Breaking up Sony: What One Investor’s Plan Would Mean for PlayStation

A crash course in PlayStation economics


Evolution of PlayStation: Portable Gaming Gives us the PSP and PS Vita All at Once

Another reason to see some more Kaz.


Happy Kazentine’s From Daily Reaction

In Kaz we trust.


Sony CEO Stresses Importance of Cloud Gaming

Gaikai will “propel the movement of the video game business into the cloud space very quickly”


Kaz Hirai Sets Sights High, Aims to Elevate Sony and PlayStation Brand to No. 1

While Sony may not have had the best Q3, Kaz Hirai isn’tRead the full article…

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Say Hello to the New Sony Entertainment Network

It’s no secret that Sony embraces many types of entertainment and not just video games, so to capitalize on that they are introducing the new Sony Entertainment Network.


Sony Confirms PS4 Development

Although it’s obvious that the major console manufactures, including Sony, start workRead the full article…