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Sony Let PlayStation Plus Members in Japan Choose Three of Their July 2017 Games

And they chose Killzone, Gravity Rush, and Child of Light.

Here’s the Full List of PlayStation Awards 2016 Winners

No game took home the Platinum Prize this year.

Sony’s Mobile Game Lineup Includes Hot Shots Golf, Arc the Lad & Wild Arms

Sony Japan and ForwardWorks are also partnering with Square Enix and Nippon Ichi.

The PlayStation Japan Press Conference on September 13 Will Be Available in English

Watch it right here.

PlayStation Japan Press Conference Scheduled for September 13

You’ll need to stay up late/wake up early to watch it in North America.

PlayStation Japan Video Looks at PS4 Games Coming out in Early 2016

Includes Street Fighter V, Attack on Titan, Star Ocean.

Inappropriate Dungeon Dives – PlayStation JapanStyle

Stupid sexy diver babe!

Sony: We Don’t Have Any First-Party PS Vita Games in Development, Focus Is on PS4

“Third-party companies are working hard on the PlayStation Vita.”

Downloading My Racial H2O Fry Belt – PlayStation JapanStyle

Give me that bottle when you’re done with it.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Will End “28 Years” of Waiting, Says New Trailer

And a timeline has been released.